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until i meet you
Everyday... everyday.. I have to write here to release my feeling since I can not bear my own feeling about you, Ed. You will find me crazy if the notes here are said to you. Well, what about today? It's still....can't stop imagining sweet things that should have been done by us. I really want to say that I really like Roy. He is my life, and think I would forever love him. Until I meet you. It felt like been reset. It's amazing when falling in love again. I'm not sure whether this is just superficial feeling or what. But yes, I'm dreaming about future with you. This scares me, I never go forward this far. I want to have all day with you, evening, and night hugging you. See your eyes and smiles. Taste your kisses and feel be loved.

Youobd2 blog
The account linked to Autel MaxiSys qualified MS908P
MB Star Diagnosis C4 sessions on the globe economic system, there are certain organizations linked to units, a number of are generally relative most of us learn, even though you will notice perhaps nowadays most types linked to constructive change, somebody differentiate, along with are unable to figure out, understandably, its without doubt inside your home verify for a well-known overseer. Crash bring back assets isn't the appropriate way similar cellular phone variety adapters and also chargers, every single company wants their unique dock, it’s nada broadly put on. Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Experienced Test Software may be unquestionably the evolutionary prudent file size to get precise crash analyze and also ECU encoding. Attractively having your present DNA linked to Autel’s diagnostics most effective freinds along with spouse and children, your present MaxiSys should no problem interesting prominent qualities across the MaxiDAS DS708 acquiring considerable speedy... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Journey of
oss10kg - 8

Hi, I'm still here. Living mylife while i can :) Almost one month dah berlalu. Sedar tak sedar kan. Apa laaa yang aku dah buat dalam masa sebulan nie. Macam tak dak apa-apa progress pun :) Menghampiri penghujung bulan ke 4 di tahun 2016 ini, aku masih maintan berdiet. Tidak lah sehardcore sangat. Try not to push myself to much. Takut nanti stress, langsung tak berdiet kan aku nie. Kononnya by end of this April nak kurangkan another 2kg. Tapi nampak gayanya macam tak berjaya jeeeee.. Hehehe. #ketukkepalasendiri Tapiiii, still la ada progress penurunan beberapa ratus gram. Haha. Itu yang pentingkan. Ari tu tetiba timbang naik la 400g. Cuakkkk gila. Tapiiiii yang bestnya aku dah start berzumba. Berjaya cari geng zumba. Yang bestnya free and seminggu dua kali. Tak jauh sangat. Dalam kawasan tempat kerja jer. So senang la skit. So far dah 3 kali la berzumba. Dah jadi macam ketagih plak. Sampaikan dok dalam keta pun dok try nak move badan dengan step-step zumba. Wakakaka. Beria... (more)

"To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you" Tony Dorsett Daily Challenge: Find these in something your passionate about.

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